The Methacton Electric Car Club’s projects include the Lorax, a fully-electric and solar-powered kit car, the box truck (an old snack truck we converted to run on biodiesel or vegetable oil), a 1994 Ford Ranger, an electric bike, and a Triumph Spitfire. As of December, 2019, we recently made improvements to the engine of the box truck and are continuing to work on our spitfire conversion.

We use the cars and the trucks to educate students and adults alike about renewable energy. There are many demonstrations in our box truck such as a bike that lights lightbulbs based on how hard one pedals, environmentally-themed computer games, and an interactive display that tests people’s abilities to recognize recyclable items.

Go to Media(News) to see the activities that ECC participates in each year. One important event to highlight is Penn State’s Race for the 21st century, an automotive competition for alternative energy vehicles. We have consistently placed in the top 3 every year! Check Awards to learn more.

Last but certainly not least, ECC would not be here were it not for our many sponsors! A complete list of sponsors is found here.

The Lorax!


Our box truck runs on vegetable oil and the displays inside are powered by solar panels!

The Ford Ranger!

As of 2016, we inserted batteries in it and converted to an electric vehicle!