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Electric Car Club featured in KYW News Radio Story

A Montgomery County High School Gears Up For Philadelphia Auto Show


MONTGOMERY COUNTY (CBS) — A group of kids from a Montgomery County high school will be featured at the Philadelphia Auto Show, which opens later this week.  The exhibit from the Methacton Electric Car Club is much more than just a car…

But the inside of the box truck is put to good use as well, a travelling display that will be on exhibit at the Auto Show, among the displays in the truck, a stationary bike hooked up to light bulbs to show how much more energy it takes to run an incandescent bulb compared to an LED.

Jim Melwert, KYW News Radio 1060

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Former ECC Club members, Ben and Karthik, featured in The Reporter

Methacton grads return to showcase factory Malibu they helped to convert to hybrid

As the automotive industry dramatically steps up its gasoline-electric hybrid efforts, the field will be wide open for engineering grads like Benjamin Sattler and Karthik Pillutla who are profoundly in tune with the technology.

The Methacton High School alumni and Penn State engineering students returned to their Worcester alma mater Thursday to hopefully trigger the same fervor in kids that they felt as members of the school’s Electric Car Club and teacher Steve Savitz’s environmental science class just a few years ago…

In what could be regarded as the ultimate show-and-tell, the men will be showcasing the 2013 Chevy Malibu that they helped convert to a hybridized version of the stock product.

Currently Sattler and Pillutla are transforming a 2016 Chevrolet Camaro into a hybrid electric beauty for EcoCAR 3, a four-year competition organized by Argonne National Labs and sponsored by General Motors and the Department of Energy.

“Obviously we’ll be talking about the car, but it’s really about getting the kids excited about these fields,” said Sattler, who was also joined by Pillutla for a visit to Arcola Middle School this week.

“The middle school was a little more about the STEM program and the science and technology opportunities that are available at both the high school level and college level. For the environmental class at Methacton it’s more about why the automotive industry is transitioning to hybrid vehicles and some of the challenges it faces.”

– Gary Puleo, The Reporter

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MECC Featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer

Methacton Electric Car Club was  featured in Sunday’s  Philadelphia Inquirer Article: (1/15/2017)

Headed for Philly Auto Show, Montco students get a charge out of electric cars

Sponsor Steve Savitz shows off the Lomax, with (in car) Amanda Amornwichet, Bryce Merrill, (from left) Jerrod Carney, Christian McIlhenny, Spencer Park, Satvik Kakkar,and Anuraag Nadkarni, at Methacton High School. (Steven M. Falk)

“With an eagerly awaited affordable Tesla on the way, 2017 may be the tipping point for an electric car revolution that seriously challenges the gas-guzzling status quo. Methacton High School, though, was way out in front of it, starting in 2002 when a local businessman donated a green, three-wheeled, plug-in novelty called a Lomax.

With that, the Montgomery County school launched the Electric Car Club. It now has two vehicles, plus a newly renovated, vegetable-oil-powered truck that uses solar energy to charge the Lomax. Bought for $400 on Craigslist, the former Tastykake truck is not only a standardbearer for renewable fuels but also is kitted out with fun exhibits to serve as a mobile classroom.

As one of the few remaining high school clubs of its kind in the region, the group has been asked to exhibit its vehicles – including a solar-powered Ford Ranger – at the Philadelphia Auto Show, from Jan. 28 to Feb. 5 at the Convention Center.”

-(Kathy Boccella, Philadelphia Inquirer)

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