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Spitfire Almost Live!

Another productive day in the garage working on the Spitfire! With today’s steps, the Triumph Spitfire is very close to becoming live and functional. Our batteries are now fully wired! Look through our photos to see what we accomplished today. Above, our club members are doing the final tightening of wires on the batteries and connecting the headlights. See us […]

MECC Featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer

Methacton Electric Car Club was  featured in Sunday’s  Philadelphia Inquirer Article: (1/15/2017) Headed for Philly Auto Show, Montco students get a charge out of electric cars “With an eagerly awaited affordable Tesla on the way, 2017 may be the tipping point for an electric car revolution that seriously challenges the gas-guzzling status quo. Methacton High School, though, was way out […]

Methacton Electric Car Club Goes to Penn State

​​The Methacton Electric Car Club just attended the awards ceremony for the three day competition at the Hydrogen Energy Research Center at Penn State University. Dr. Joel Anstrom, one of the research directors, is giving club members Megan Rothgeb and Kim Nguyen an award for the clubs 3rd place finish at “21st Century Automotive Challenge”. Thirteen built or manufactured cars […]

ECC goes to Arcola STEaM Day

The Electric Car Club, visited Arcola Middle School on March 31st to teach kids about the electric car and clean vehicles. STEaM day is an annual event at Arcola design to get kids interested in STEM related fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and to show how the arts can be incorporated into these jobs. The Electric Car Club spoke to seven […]