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  • Methacton High School, Eagleville, PA

About Us

The Methacton Electric Car Club is an engineering/environmental club at Methacton High School, dedicated to innovation, education, and competition in renewable energy. By building electric vehicles and educating our community about them, we hope to help build a brighter, greener future.

“Our goal is to educate the public, one car at a time.”

Our Work:

Why Electric Cars?

In today’s society, electric cars are slowly becoming more mainstream and prevalent on our roads. With the advent of companies such as Tesla, people are starting to realize the benefits of using renewable energy resources in place of traditional gasoline or diesel sources. The Methacton Electric Car Club is committed to spreading this message to the public and make known the advantages of electric vehicles.

Electric cars…

  • Produce zero emissions
  • Have a lower total cost of ownership
  • Have the ability to become fully autonomous
  • Make less noise
  • Achieve higher acceleration
  • Are more responsive
  • Need less maintenance

Our Sponsors:

Methacton Education Foundation

Methacton Home and School Association

Catering By Design


Underwater Construction Corporation

Rees Engineering Corp.

Sunpower Builders

And a special thanks to John Murphy, who donated the Lorax to us in 2001, which started the Electric Car Club, and who continues to support the club!