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MECC Takes Spitfire to its First Show!

MECC Takes Spitfire to its First Show!

On Saturday, June 3rd, MECC took the now-running Spitfire to its first car show, Cars and Motorcycles of England at Hope Lodge! At first glance, the ’69 Triumph Spitfire seemed to fit right in with all the other antique British cars in attendance. But under the hood, its old body holds brand-new insides. Our now-functional electric-converted Spitfire was a big hit, with people asking questions about it all morning long. By the end of the event, news of “The Electric Spitfire” had spread all over the field.

Club presidents Jake Hamburg and Daniel Johnson had both come to the club in their freshman year knowing next-to-nothing about electric vehicles. But today, after four years spent bringing this car to life, they confidently answered detailed questions on all of the car’s functions. Just days before graduation, they agree that it was a fitting end to their time with MECC.

In the 23-24 school year, MECC will be putting the finishing aesthetic touches on the Spitfire. Before long, you might just see The Electric Spitfire driving on the streets!

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